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How to build a medium term PR campaign that pays off

How to build a medium term PR campaign that pays off

Code First: Girls coding school leveraged corporate partnership announcements, milestone announcements and on-going media influencer work to create a steady media trail with its key audiences



Code First: Girls is a multi-award winning social enterprise which works with companies and women to increase the proportions of women in tech and, over the past 3 years, it has delivered £4.2 million worth of free tech education, taught 6,280 women how to code for free, and have helped companies to recruit and train better tech talent in their firms.

The Challenge

ThirdEyeMedia first started working with Code First: Girls in December 2017 to help distribute a cornerstone announcement for the company, it’s 20:20 campaign, 20K taught by end of 2020 Announcement.

The company would be drastically expanding its capacity to offer free coding classes to females youths and young women from 2.5k to 20K across the next three years having secured funding from corporates and investors including Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Trainline, and KKR. In this case, the news was standalone, a story waiting to be shared, but the challenge remained: How could we ensure this story would be fully amplified to reach its target audiences?

CF:G was looking for PR support to announce the launch of the 2020 campaign and leverage major partnerships with global brands supporting the initiative. Their announcement required a PR agency with experience and contacts in the tech sector, but also a team of professionals that they could trust to handle crucial relationships with sensitive partners ranging from global banks to national or multinational corporations. Beyond the announcement however, CF:G was looking for a PR partner with the ability to drive longer term PR campaigns to build Code First: Girls and Amali de Alwis’s position in the press.

From January to September 2018 a total of 95 pieces featuring CF:G and Amali were secured in a range of outlets from national press to tech, feminine press, and podcasts. This ongoing flow of coverage helped to position CF:G and Amali as thought leaders and pioneers for young UK women in tech.


The Results:

Social Media:

Growing the online channels from 2,615 Facebook likes to 3,475 likes and from 11,000 Twitter followers to 13,773 followers in the space of 9 months through organic campaigns. ThirdEyeMedia developed a social media strategy that encompassed emerging trends of women in technology and current debates around gender imbalances within the tech industry.

By using hashtags such as #womenintech, #diversityintech, #paymetoo, and #girlswhocode synergies were formed with similar organisations addressing the cause to create an ongoing narrative for the CF:G target audiences.


95 Articles in 9 Months with a reach of 136 million.

2020 Campaign announcement:

ThirdEyeMedia’s first major project consisted in announcing the launch of CF:G’s 2020 campaign. By carefully selecting a few reporters to pre-brief under embargo, ThirdEyeMedia secured several key articles (TechCrunch, Yahoo! Finance, ComputerWeekly, Alphr) which were broadly picked up and syndicated resulting in a total of 20 pieces and an estimated reach of 17 million over the course of 4 days.

Medium-term campaign work:

Following this, ThirdEyeMedia put in place several medium-term campaigns:
– CF:G and CEO profiling
: ThirdEyeMedia developed a profiling program for the company and CEO Amali de Alwis, working to secure media articles and speaking opportunities and panels.
We worked to create a face and voice for the 20:20 campaign whilst maintaining an ongoing steady output of coverage for the organisation.

– Partnership announcements: ThirdEyeMedia supported CF:G with a combination of partnership announcements with Trainline, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America Merril Lynch and OVH to name a few. These partnership announcements coupled with strategic CEO profiling helped to establish the CF:G and Amali as an organisation at the forefront of the UK tech debate on gender diversity, culminating in Amali being selected as Computer Weekly’s most influential woman in UK tech for 2018.


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