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Setembro 20, 2022 Thirdeye Media

A closer look at ThirdEyeMedia

Tapping into the unseen

What makes a business truly unique? Is it the service or product offering? The business model? The clients the company is working for? We believe it’s all about establishing shared values and a shared mission within the team. We guide our everyday work through a distinctive mindset and leadership model which is reflected in our own name: ThirdEyeMedia.


Our origins

The third eye – also referred to as the mind’s eye- is considered to be the center of intuition. It’s believed to be the center of wisdom and insight, having the ability to see beyond what’s visible to the eyes. 

The color purple, which prevails in the ThirdEyeMedia logo, represents spirituality, wisdom and bravery. 


Leading by intuition

How does this all translate into the business? At ThirdEyeMedia we put intuition at the forefront. In a world where businesses are led by the rational mind, we consciously choose to bring in the intuitive mind and soft skills as criteria for decision making, strategic relationship building and the overall vision for the business. 


Insights from the team

“I realized that in business, the rational mind is overemphasized, and that doesn’t always lead to the best outcome. The numbers can look good in a certain deal or scenario, but things somehow don’t feel right. If your guts are telling you something, listen to that. I’ve learned to lead by intuition more and it’s been a very helpful North star whenever I have to make big strategic decisions.” – Clara Armand-Delille, CEO and founder

“This leadership model has empowered me to trust my own instincts (allied to my own professional experience) and to have an active voice in the strategic decision making processes for our clients and internally. It’s been a positive learning experience since day 1, when I joined the ThirdEyeMedia team.” – Matilde Pinto, Account Lead


More than just a PR & Communications agency, we strive to become a trusted partner to our clients, inspiring them to cultivate a strong media presence and brand awareness side-by-side with our team.



Let's Work Together.

We work with ambitious clients to deliver game changing results.

Clara Armand-Delille